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Loonie Launcher - Aerodynamic Balloon Powered Cars for 3+, Top STEM Science & Educational Toy of 2021, Includes 2 Cars, 10 Balloons 1 Air Pump

Loonie Launcher Loonie Launcher Loonie Launcher Loonie Launcher Loonie Launcher
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Top reviews from the USA

Lisa Hernandez

San Francisco, California, USA-10/14/2022

Keeps my kids off-screen

With the Loonie launcher, my nephew now has a very good and helpful distraction than spending hours watching TV. It's a great experience for me because he has become obsessed with it which has been the best feeling ever. I love the fact that he now gets busy with the toy all the time and that has been such a good learning experience too. But most of all, I've stopped scolding him because he doesn't spend so much time anymore as he used to. The difference is clear!

Michelle Moore

New York, New York, USA-10/13/2022

Enjoys nature more

I love nature so much and my husband and I had often sought ways to make the kids enjoy nature more but to no avail. I already gave up but my husband kept pushing till he stumbled on this awesome toy, the Loonie launcher. These kids have started staying outside a lot more than I thought and it was really surprising to me because I never expected it. I wouldn't have believed that this would happen where we would all sit down and watch them play in nature. Brilliant!

Kimberly Martin

Houston, Texas, USA-10/12/2022

Develops motor skills

In building motor skills, the best toy to purchase for your kids is the Loonie launcher. I've gotten a ton of toys for these kids and I've not seen anyone that develops their motor skills as the Loonie launcher. The Toy helps them to use their fingers to properly play with it. It has also improved their coordination because there are so many cases where I see them try to outrun the car. It's always a sight to behold because it makes me recognize the active development of their motor skills.

Michael Jackson

Phoenix, Arizona, USA-10/11/2022

Improves interest in science

My daughter normally has an interest in science and the Loonie launcher has done an excellent job of improving her interest in science. Intending to try to improve her interest in science, I noticed that she spends most of her time playing with it, and even removes it out of the box to set it up on her own. It is quite strong and durable and this feature also put my mind at rest because I know it won't fall apart or rip off. Such an exciting way to watch her grow her love for science.

David Thompson

Chicago, Illinois, USA-10/18/2022

It is easy to play with

I'm not a fan of toys and seeing the stack of toys in my kids' room, I wasn't eager to get the Loonie launcher because it takes time for them to adapt to it since most of them are complex. But with the Loonie launcher, it's different, I didn't have to explain anything to them and I watched them play with it easily. It was a shock to me because I didn't even know it'd be that easy. It's nice to see the fuss over the Loonie launcher and now I'm convinced I've bought the right toy for them.

James White

Los Angeles, California, USA-10/24/2022

Improves intellectual development

As a caregiver, I've noticed that playing with toys is very crucial to a child's intellectual development. To create the right way to learn, I bought the Loonie launcher to help them grow intellectually. It exceeded my expectations because the toy has even done more than I expected. The change is noticeable and I've seen how they experience their world by playing with the toy and try to solve problems and it's thrilling to watch! I love it so much!

John Lopez

Jacksonville, Florida, USA-10/16/2022

Creates an avenue for experimentation

Instead of wasting time searching for ways that would allow your kids' experiment, just buy the Loonie launcher and you would be amazed at how beautiful it is. Watching my curious son constantly engage with the Loonie launcher as a wonderful science experiment has to be one of the best feelings in the world. I have observed how this has stimulated his development while providing fun at the same time. I don't know about you but there's no better combination than that!

Robert Lee

San Antonio, Texas, USA-10/26/2022

Improved interest in machine

Since the Loonie launcher already gives a good overview of how cars work and function, Matt has been so interested in learning about cars and I know it started as soon as I got the Loonie launcher. I'm super excited about this new hobby and interest and I can't wait to see what it leads to. The Loonie launcher cars are of impressive quality and so usually work well. Since I got them, they have not developed any faults and Matt has been using it for a long time now. His interest in machines and cars means a lot to me!

Christopher Gonzalez

San Diego, California, USA-10/18/2022

Sparks an interest in science

Well, when it comes to science, I'm the wrong person to call but seeing my son and his friends start asking countless questions has made me get a lot of science-related items for them to keep the spark. The loonie launcher provided a way for many questions involving science and I was glad to see them interested in something so sincerely. Therefore, I recommend this for any child with an interest in science in order to improve the interest.

Richard Harris

Boston, Massachusetts, USA-10/4/2022

It makes education fun

Education has never been this fun. The excitement in my grandson's voice is always so evident when it's time to play with the loonie launcher. It is built in the right way and will stay intact for as long as you use it. It is not messy at all so I do not have to worry about cleaning stains or anything. The loonie launcher works just perfectly, and unlike other toys, it makes him just eager to learn new things that are related to how the toy works. It's a must-have for every kid.

Brian Clark

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA-10/8/2022

Develops eyes naturally

Omg! The Loonie launcher has helped to develop my daughter's eyes naturally in less than a week. My grandmother gave the best gift to me which was the Loonie launcher to help my daughter improve her vision skills, to develop her eyes. The loonie launcher is one of those toys that help you keep your focus which ultimately leads to stimulating her visual development. I can't stop saying thank you because this feels so good to be true. It is the best toy ever.

Angela Lewis

Portland, Oregon, USA-10/22/2022

No need for supervision

As a mother of five beautiful children, you can bet it gets difficult sometimes to keep an eye on all of them. I often have to make sure they're not causing any problems in the house. Seeing the advertisement for the loonie launcher, I decided to try my luck. I thought about it for so long till I finally bought it. Best decision I've ever made. I don't even have to bother anymore if they're causing a ruckus because they never are. They spend a long time having fun with this new toy on their own and it's so good!

Mary Robinson

Denver, Colorado, USA-10/2/2022

Provides peace for me

The loonie launcher has provided the ideal time to rest at home. I never thought that it could be possible. But watching them engrossed with the loonie launcher only makes me happy because I love the fact that they're learning something new. Secondly, I love the fact that it gives me time to reflect and rest which is something I've been craving forever. The loonie launcher is the new favorite toy in the house as I've been able to rest deeply without any interruptions.

Susan Walker

Seattle, Washington, USA-10/15/2022

Reduces screen time

Well, I had no idea that this toy would have this kind of effect on my son. At first, I thought I was dreaming because he never stops watching TV or playing games and I was deeply worried about it. I told my sister about it and she told me about Loonie launcher and I gave in. I noticed the change gradually in the beginning and now there's a huge transformation in how he spends his time. If you're trying to get your son off excessive screen time in a fun way, then you should purchase the Loonie launcher now!

Jeffrey Perez

Dallas, Texas, USA-10/10/2022

Stops unnecessary purchase of items

If I'm not screaming at my youngest son to stop buying unnecessary things, then I'm secretly seeing him make purchases without my knowledge. It was quite frustrating because it was a battle to keep him preoccupied with anything that interested him. I'm so happy the loonie launcher located me because things have changed now. I've stopped screaming at him for buying things on the tablet. If you know how that feels, you'd know that the loonie launcher is a lifesaver.

Sandra Hall

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA-10/11/2022

It is a fun type of toy

For most toys that try to be educative, I've often found them too serious that leave these children bored and uninterested. With the features of the loonie launcher, I was eager to get some for my pupils to make them interested and have fun like they ought to. With the Loonie launcher, it's fun overload. I can see how their eyes sparkle and it makes me happy knowing that I contributed to that glow. It's a wonderful experience and I recommend it as a teacher.

Mark Murphy

Detroit, Michigan, USA-10/12/2022

Builds relationship with siblings

The Loonie launcher has served as a way to keep these children together without driving anyone crazy. I used to be tired of separating them from their usual tussles because they never seemed to agree with anything. I got the Loonie launcher with the intention to see them bond together in a way. I wanted their relationship to grow instead of their constant fighting and it worked. You should see how they sit together, laughing, and playing genuinely. I'm happy.

Greg Green

San Francisco, California, USA-10/13/2022

Play better with friends

I only just discovered that my kid has been having a lot of friends over since I got the Loonie launcher. That was new, for me because I've always known him to keep to himself without interacting with anyone. That has changed and I'm very proud of him. He spends time playing with his toy while planning car distance competitions with his friends. It is a big deal to me because watching them have such a good time together is something I've always looked forward to and guess who made that happen? Loonie launcher.

Maria Adams

New York, New York, USA-10/14/2022

Made my kid popular

I only just discovered that Bill had made a huge impact in school because of the Loonie launcher. They love the toy so much and Bill takes it to school every day. That's everything, to me. I never thought that would happen but now my kid is popular because of the Loonie launcher. Since the balloons are reusable and the toy is easy to use and play with, I knew there were no concerns at all and now he is quite popular in his school. A beautiful feeling.

Jennifer Bell

Houston, Texas, USA-10/15/2022

Reduced shyness in my kid

If you're looking for how to help a shy kid to interact with other people in order to build verbal communication with his peers, then get the Loonie launcher. Contrary to what I thought, the Loonie launcher is both educative and fun and has made it easy for my daughter to interact better with her peers. I love to see the growth as a result of this you because the reduction in shyness is noticeable and that exactly, is what I've been hoping for.

Mellisa Powell

Phoenix, Arizona, USA-10/16/2022

An avenue to learn about gravity and aerodynamics

Since part of the mechanism associated with the Loonie launcher is the understanding of physics through the presence of gravity, I can only say that it's a great boost if you want to know more about gravity and aerodynamics. It can start little by little. Knowing how the toy works by playing with it regularly is definitely one of the major ways to understand these topics in science which is huge for me and I'm happy to help my pupils know more about it when they ask their questions or have any comments.

Anabel Jenkins

Chicago, Illinois, USA-10/17/2022

Improved bonding experience

One of the major things that help me work effectively as a nanny is having a good bond with the kid in my care and a helpful way to do that is by getting the Loonie launcher. It's the perfect blend of education and fun and everyone should want that. This makes my job easy because it has made our bond stronger and more genuine. I don't have to worry about improving our relationship anymore because the Loonie launcher already took care of that. All I have to do is bring it out and she gets very excited which is pleasing.

Cynthia Perry

Los Angeles, California, USA-10/18/2022

Zero need for supervision

With the Loonie launcher, supervision is a no for me. Who would have thought that it'd be possible to take a break from supervising these little children all the time? It's the best way to be relieved from having to always be on the lookout for them. The Loonie launcher has made it very easy to do. Once it's time to play with the toy, I know it's time to rest because it's very easy to understand and use which has made my job easier and made me feel better.

Aaron White

Jacksonville, Florida, USA-10/19/2022

Increases interest in cars

I love cars so much and I got the Loonie launcher for my son absent-mindedly. Only to find out that he also started having a budding love for cars too and even machines. The Loonie launcher doesn't use batteries and by just pumping the balloon, and pressing the button, it launches immediately. This has thereby increased his fascination for cars and even left me intrigued at the same time. I love how portable it is and how strong and firm it is built. It is my favorite

Philips Bryant

San Antonio, Texas, USA-10/20/2022

It is super easy to play with

What's easier to play with if not the Loonie launcher? It possesses simple features that make it easy to understand and play with. Most times, I don't even have to supervise my son because he is already super familiar with it and he got it in no time at all. This toy is one of the best things to happen and every child needs at least one. Don't worry about trying to understand it. It's as easy as ABC and you'll get it in no time at all

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